Not only can we provide you with a soothing facial and a confidence-boosting haircut, but we can also help you treat your biggest skin frustrations with specialized facial treatments.

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Acne Treatments

When you are struggling with acne, it can seem like there aren’t enough creams or gels out there to make the problem go away.

At Salon Muse, we offer a different way to achieve clear skin.

Our acne treatment can help reduce and even eliminate redness, inflammation, and breakouts, specially formulated for blemished skin and finished with innovative blue light therapy.

Renew and recover the beautiful skin you had when you were younger with microdermabrasion!

This treatment buffs away the thick, damaged outer layer of your skin to reveal renewed tone and texture, and it’s approved for almost all skin types and colors.

It treats a number of skin concerns, including:

Sun damage, Wrinkles, Age spots, Dark spots, Acne scars, Poor skin tone and texture.




Facial Peel

Another non-invasive way to treat your most frustrating skin problems is with a facial peel!

This treatment works in a way similar to microdermabrasion to reveal younger, clearer skin beneath the damaged outer layer.

Rather than using friction to achieve this effect, however, a facial peel uses a specific chemical mix.

You should consider a facial peel if you want to:

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Treat sun damage and acne, or Reduce dark spots and signs of aging


ACNE TREATMENT - 75 min - $ 95

Clear your skin! Designed for blemished, acne-prone skin. It helps eliminate breakouts, redness, and inflammation. Finished with blue LED light.


Stimulate cell renewal! A resurfacing technique to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and scars.

Add Facial for $ 30

PEELS - 30 min - $ 55

Total skin transformation! A mid-deep, intensive treatment focusing on restoring the epidermis.

Add Facial for $ 40